"Music has been part of my life since 12 year old i had my first enclosure with a production studio and a band, i tried to involve myself in music working in many different projects "...

that fusioned Electronica and Rock, in that time i worked with local bands and rappers, in 2003 i adquire mi first stuio equipment after being prized on IMJUVE on a national arts contest with a short tune for a movie, that wass the first push in my career to get totally on music, i started my first course on Audio Engineering pushed by my work on that time as an audio operator in a event oganization company, after i completed my first courses in G.Martell i was always looking for more, i applied for a scolarship on Fermatt's music school and won a course on music languague and execution, at the same time i meet Carlos aka Chaq and we quickly developed a unique way to teach on each other's experiences and to also create music, my first project logarythm a trance psychedelic chillout sub fusion with tech grooves and dark motives was already hiting charts on Europes finest record store for this genres (psyshop), we sttarted to work side projects and to gig in most of our country getting more experience each time, on 2004 chaq died, i still try to swallow that was a very strange moment in my life, but im sure that this, combined with my broken family issues, a economic crisis striking everywere and a bulk of only problems on my way, i really think this... is what really started True Anomaly.

in 2005 i continued on the road of releasing and exposing my music, but the style has changued with now more time on production on True Anomaly and nothing else, i played for a couple of years in almost all the important clubs in mexico city and some other cities as well, it was some kind of tour that i never prepared to, but it was giving me the chance to experiment with live features and instruments for my performance , on 2008 i released my first Album on German Label Soultribe after a series of nice compilation releases.

this of course was a very impotant time in music it was again a chance to groth and to get to more people again i enhanced my studio in roder to get a more serious sound, i started to get more in to techno, the shapes and sounds coming from the darkness, the chaos in te simplicity of a syncopated rhtyhm, something for sure got me there, worked on my most introspectives musics ever, i an era were they told us techno was death and no one ever makes parties or allow us to play.

"in 2009 i released some of my most introspective works with one of New Zealand most recognized labels CCR (Cosmic Cosnpiracy Records) in that mood New Zealand and Australian friends decided to fusion and make a new label aswell Fermented Records release my first second LP for exclusive Ausie distribtuion "Uncommon Courtesy EP"


For 2011 CD format was getting behind and we all prepared to a new digital era, i released my 3rd album under this Ditigal Worrldwide distribbution "Helios " in the label "Icarous Creations" from greece  holded a series of works and takes that marqued my transtion from one genre to another and also from one stage of my life to another, i was recently moved to Playa del carmen aftter some years living in Veracruz and i was starting to get a new perspective for music and life i started my own label named Central Dogma after i meet a crzy guy who described the real concepts behind the genetic algorithm, Central Dogma was my own ground there was some sort of confusion as a new era was almost popping on our faces, some labels started to release under some very weird rules then with my own label i was able to release my music as i prefeer, no boundaries, no tags, i of course did my first Central Dogma release with "Fuel LP" there was a lot of madness and a lot of that fresh smell now living on a smaller and tropical city, but my life was getting a bit darker, no reason at all it was always there, techno became my flag i was happy with just listening to this music all day long no matter nothing else.

I worked on this project for years and got released in many labels around the world at the same time i moved from city and in 2012 a year of certainly a lot of changues i was announced winner for James Lavelle's UNKLE Remix contest with the remix for the track Money and Run (With Nick Cave) i was released in Mo Wax and got  full support from James and his team to play and remix more UNKLE's pieces, in 2014 i released my 4th album under Colombian Label Cubek Recordings the name was just "Underground" later that year my 5th LP under Fummelerum Company signature "Delusion LP" Fummelerum is the label from Corvin Dalek one of the most representative figures on techno and trance in Berlin i had the chance to work on a large ammount of projects with him and we create a great way to exchangue not only music or info but ideas and get in to colaboration between our labels and studio rewokrs all kind been the result a series of releases that you can easily get on fummelerum company label store, later in 2015 i meet Daniel from DID (Different is Different) a Barcelona based label who started to make a lot of wavesin recently years i currently work as A&R Mexico Division for them and run my labels (Central Dogma and sublabels fro my new home in Mexican Caribbean, you can easily find my music and releases in various formats as i prepare myself for my 6th album as True Anomaly.





Anomalycast 005

by True Anomaly


FORTH Chapter of Anomalycast featuring music produced and mixed by True Anomaly and tracks by Dubspeeka, Jay Tripwire, Brian Sanhaji, Drumcell, Luis Flores, Dimauro, Michel de Hey, Raukost, Ed Whitty, Tunnel, Sirius Brown, Citizen Kain & more...